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Leading Manufacturer Of Geomembranes & PE Films

Megaplast USA Inc. is a leading supplier of high quality PE products like Geomembranes and Speciality Films. We are committed to provide our customers with tailor made solutions that maintain global standards across a plethora of industries.

Megaplast USA Inc. is part of the Mega Group based in India, an industrial film and textile manufacturing conglomerate. Megaplast USA was established in 2018 to expand our footprint in North America with a warehousing facility in Houston, Texas. Our facility for geomembrane manufacturing is Gai-lab certified, operates to ISO 9001:2015, 18000 standards and certifies products under ASTM or ISO terms.


Our Vision is to be a leading manufacturing company across the world in the Packaging & Geomembrane industry by delivering packaging excellence defined by superior quality, unmatched service, continuous improvement, and constant innovation.


Megaplast USA is a one-stop shop for Geomembranes and speciality films. We strive to provide customised solutions to our customers, with innovative products that adhere to global quality standards. At Megaplast, we are committed to taking care of our people, fulfilling our social responsibilities, and working towards the betterment of the environment.

ESG Statement

We at Megaplast give utmost importance to environment protection. We strive to produce environmentally sustainable products that save resources and prevent contamination by toxic hazardous waste. We also believe in reducing our carbon footprint by using recycled polymers in our production process. Additionally, we also plan to reduce energy consumption by employing more efficient production technology and optimise transportation of goods to reduce fuel wastage.

Megaplast assumes responsibility towards the following environmental goals –

  1. Use of solar energy up to 5% of the total energy requirement by 2030
  2. Complete shift to electrical vehicles within factory premises by 2027
  3. Implement a 10-year programme to establish innovative technologies and solutions to ensure use of recycled material up to 10% in finished goods

Megaplast commits to comply with an appropriate and effective management system that meets the requirements of social accountability management. Megaplast believes in empowerment and protection of all the personnel who work for the organisation’s betterment with world class products. Megaplast management ensures solid governance is adapted which follows widely acceptable ethical business practices.

Innovation Centre – Dedicated Lab-Line & Quality

At Megaplast, we are dedicated to developing innovative and sustainable products that offer cost-effective benefits to our customers. To achieve this, we have invested in a replica of our commercial production extruders at our Innovation Centre /Lab-Line. This advanced European technology allows us to experiment with new film extrusion techniques and recipes at a laboratory level, before scaling up production on our larger equipment.

With the ability to extrude 7-layer films, we can test a variety of product ideas to create new and improved offerings. Investing in this lab-line gives us the advantage of being able to try out new ideas at a lower cost, leading to ongoing innovation in our product range at a fast speed.


We at Megaplast pride ourselves on upholding the highest quality standards and are certified by industry-leading organizations to ensure our products meet the highest level of excellence.

  • TRI Environmental: GRI-GM13 Certification
  • Certificate of Conformity of the Factory Production Control 1213–CPR–7235
  • GAI- LAP Certification
  • BSCIC Certificate- ISO 9001: 2015
  • Water Potability Test – AWQC ASNZS 4020[96985]
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