Mining is the extraction of valuable minerals or other geological materials from the earth or the sea. Mining can be done either on the surface or underground, and involves the use of various techniques and equipment to extract and process the minerals or other materials being mined. The process releases harmful substances into the soil and water, and also requires controlling the movement of fluids within the mining area.


    • In heap leach pads, Megaplast geomembranes can be used to contain acidic chemical solutions that extract valuable minerals from piles of crushed rock or mill tailings.
    • In tailings dams and ponds, Megaplast geomembranes can help prevent the release of concentrated mine chemicals into the environment and improve the consolidation of the tailings.
    • Solution ponds lined with Megaplast geomembranes can retain mining chemicals and process water for reuse or treatment.
    • Megaplast geomembranes are durable and chemically resistant, making them suitable for use in salt evaporation ponds in warmer climates and harsh environments.
    • Megaplast geomembranes are a good choice for use in the capping and closure of mines, as they can withstand high multiaxial strains. These geomembranes can also accommodate deformation caused by differential settlement without failing, making them a reliable choice for these applications.
    • In phosphogypsum stack systems, which can pose a hazard to human health and the environment due to the presence of chemicals, pollutants, and hazardous substances, Megaplast geomembranes can be used to line reservoirs for the placement of dredge material and for storing contaminated process water.

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