Oil and gas exploration and production are vital for meeting the world’s energy needs in a sustainable manner. This process typically involves the use of drilling and other techniques to access and extract the oil and gas, and may also involve the use of pipelines and other infrastructure to transport the oil and gas to processing and refining facilities.


  • Secondary containment is a system that surrounds one or more primary storage containers in order to collect any hazardous material spillage that may occur in the event of a loss of integrity or container failure. Megaplast geomembranes can act as a secondary barrier against leaks and prevent containment.
  • Pad drilling, a technique used in the oil and natural gas industry to reach unconventional resources such as shale, has helped to boost production and lower costs, leading to a boom in the market. Megaplast geomembranes can be used to contain spills or leaks, and their easy and fast installation at an optimal price makes them an effective choice for containment in the oil and natural gas industry.

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