PE Stretch Films are designed for the coverage and protection of packages, pallets and boxes during their preparation, transit and delivery. The constant displacement and transferring of goods from one mode of transportation to another often leads to packages being prone to scratches, stains as well as contamination and damage. Aside from the external conditions of packaging, through the multiple binds of the Stretch film, a robust external layer of PE is created to restrict permeating damage to the internal contents of the package.

Megaplast is a pioneering industrial stretch film manufacturer in India, renowned for manufacturing films up to 5 layers and with widths of up to 2.6 metres. Megaplast’s Stretch Films are armoured with varied tolerance capacities to suit multiple applications; ranging from heavy bagged products to glass and ceramics, as well as within the transportation industry with Heavy Loads and Fragile Items.

Here are some versatile features of Stretch films that you need to know:

Stretch Films are different from Cling Films:

Often confused and quipped interchangeably, Stretch Films and Cling Films share the common property of being PE wraps. However, there is a primary difference: Mega Cling Films are beneficial for storing food items and packaging mostly perishable items. On the other hand, Mega Stretch Film is girded with high-quality polyethylene that boasts the flexibility of stretching three times its original form. Both perishable, as well as non-perishable goods, are covered and protected in their entirety, regardless of their shape and rigid structures.

While the Cling Film’s basic attributes include obstructing the oxidation of foodstuff and enduring extreme heating and cooling temperatures, the Stretch Film’s core functions are to be tear resistant, prevent surface damage caused by sharp or blunt impact, and offer improved toughness of pallets at a lower gauge.

Multiple types of PE Stretch Films:

Like the exhaustive variety of goods and the peculiar needs associated with their transportation, Megaplast has incorporated unique technological characteristics into their films, customised for your needs.

Mega Stretch Premium: These films are five-layer cast machine films with excellent clarity, high strength and elongation, alongside the properties of a quiet delivery with silent unwind. They come in five different thickness sizes, ranging from 9 Microns to 29 Microns with widths of 450 millimetres and 500 millimetres. Apart from choosing from multiple colours, Stretch Films have one-sided cling properties that help eliminate loads from sticking together while in transit and are best used for wrapping fragile items like glass and ceramics.

Mega Stretch Pro: These are five-layer cast hand-grade films, renowned for general-purpose applications like light-weight loads, irregular loads, warehouse storage and furniture packing. The film is formulated to stretch in a limited manner to produce superior integrity during shifting and transit. With widths extending across 300 millimetres to 500 millimetres, you can get the Stretch Pro Films in five widths and thicknesses ranging from 9 Microns to 29 Microns. With options for colours, you can rely on the tensile and elongation properties of Stretch Films.

Manufacturing and quality testing of the Megaplast Stretch Films:

None of our PE Films leave our factory without testing their true strength. The Cast Films are derived from a process called cast extrusion. After the meted PE resins go through the chill roll, they are rigorously examined for tensile strength, elongation, Elmendorf Tear strength, protrusion puncture, dart impact test and many other important material tests. Both Mega Stretch Premium and Mega Stretch Pro are BSCIC certified, leaving their quality undisputed and of utmost reliability.

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