The most convenient and easily availed carrier of goods, be it food products or garments, is the Plastic Bag, which has always been of immense value and importance in the packaging and retail industry as well as our households. Plastics Bags are strong, durable, lightweight, and save in both cost and material resources over the alternatives. These PE products that are irreplaceable by function and unavoidable by the need are found everywhere you go, but Megaplast brings to the table an array of smart bags, with varied densities, finishes, and designs as per the required use.

The general property of a plastic bag is to provide extreme quality packaging juxtaposed with low cost, due to its great tensile strength, clarity, and flexibility. Megaplast offers plastic bags in a variety of printing options, sizes, colours, styles and these products are 100% recyclable.

Let’s dive into the extensive types and applications of plastic bags.

Garbage Bags/ Trash Can Liners: Made with high-quality PE to resist tearing and prevent spillage of any waste – solid or liquid, these bags have a sturdy and resilient surface, and are effective to collect garbage in commercial & industrial areas, hotels, hospitals, and homes and are made for daily functional usage. Apart from the multiplicity of their usage, one can find the Megaplast garbage bags also available with draw tapes, interleaved bags, and star seal bags.

T-shirt Bags: Often opted as a go-to bag with abundant sizes and colours for retail purposes like storing food and groceries as well as non-food items, the Megaplast T-shirt Bags come with an expandable side gusset and strong handles at the top. Being super strong and durable, these bags are one of the most frequently used plastic bags.

Die Cut Bags:A fashionable choice among many garment retail companies, the premium Non-Woven Die Cut Bags can be customised by printing company logos. They are also durable and weatherproof. Megaplast Die Cut bags can be found in varying thicknesses, colours and sizes.

Loop Handle Bags/ Non-Woven Box Bags: A thick loop as the handle for a bag is indeed a comfortable feature that can naturally enhance any retail packaging. The Megaplast Non-Woven Box Bags with Loop handles adequately protect the contents inside the box from spilling or misplacing due to their broad and spacious widths, while simultaneously providing grip to the fingers and balancing the weight of the goods in the bag. Made of HDPE quality, these heavy-duty bags are high on both aesthetics and durability.

Wicket Bags: Distinctive from other types of plastic bags due to a wicketed handle that is made of metal, the Megaplast Wicket Bag has the appearance of stacked plastic bags which have holes allowing the wicket to pass through them and hold them together. These bags in their singularity are best used for packing food items due to their transparent surface that lets you see the contents. Made with resilient HDPE material and puncture-resistant, the Wicket Bags are also utilised for stationary and non-edible items.

Draw Tape Bags: Megaplast has produced a range of popular Draw Tape Bags whose durable plastic drawstrings ensure air-tight closure and is comfortable to hold. Made with superior quality PE, the strength and flexibility of these bags remain uncontested. A common solution for trade show giveaways, hospital waste, hotel laundry service as well as many other applications, these plastic bags exhibit various prints, sizes, draw tape styles and colours based on waste segregation.

Compostable Bags: A compostable bag immensely helps in composting waste by generating microbial activity. The Megaplast Compostable Bags are best used for garden organics and kitchen waste, but are also used in grocery stores as carry bags.

Bags on Roll/ Roll Bags: These extremely durable bags that are transparent with varying dyes are prominently used at grocery stores for the packaging of items like pulses, legumes, grains, etc. They are flexible, sturdy and very convenient, which makes these Megaplast Roll Bags one of the most highly-recommended PE bags worldwide.

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