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Megaplast USA Inc. is a part of Mega Group, a rapidly expanding corporation that owns and operates businesses in the plastic, steel, and real estate industries, including Megaplast India and Mega Pipes. Megaplast USA Inc. is a leading supplier of high-quality PE products like Geomembranes and Speciality Films. Our innovation and excellence has allowed us to establish a strong presence around the world as an exporter of geosynthetics. We are committed to provide our customers with tailor made solutions maintaining global standards across a plethora of industries for customer satisfaction.

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Experience the excellence of Megaplast, a leading provider of top-quality geomembranes and specialty films for a variety of industries.

Our Products

Our innovative approach places us and our expertise of 10 years on the forefront of the PE maufactruing industry. With our key products being made of Polyethylene, the array of these products include Geomembranes, Packaging products and Films.


Flexible, U.V Stabilized and durable liners that are used for a multitude of applications

Specialised Films

Speciality films are geomembranes made with specialised materials, designed and manufactured for specific applications or environments.

Geomembranes Accessories

Products used in conjunction with geomembranes to enhance their performance or installation

Why Megaplast?

Megaplast is known for a quality-based innovative approach that produces application-based solutions. Megaplast has a reputation for delivering solutions within 90-180 days on an average, from inception of requirement to installation in the field. Here are some reasons why we have a competitive advantage in the market:

Advanced modern equipment

Ensuring products of world-class

Provision for customised Geomembranes

Coloured Geomembranes aid in temperature
balance & aesthetics

Dedicated & adroit workforce

Product innovation & testing of materials to expand the technical parameters

Production of Expansive Geomembranes

Up to 8 m wide rolls to help lower welding
cost & installation time

Availability of bi-folded rolls

Geomembranes that can be transported & handled easily

GAI, LAP & TRI Certified

Highly equipped quality lab to test products at all stages

Mega Facts

Megaplast is a Nationally Accredited company & certified by various government bodies. We have been consistently recognized for our commitment not only for our excellence in quality manufacturing but also for our prompt services towards our clients.


years of expertise

+ million pound

material production capacity per month

dedicated production lines for Geomembranes

+ million sq. ft

inventory at the Houston storage space

sq. ft

manufacturing floor space & facility

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